Overview of International Faculty

In order to promote the internationalization of education and the cultivation of international talents, BJUT is committed to introducing outstanding international scholars and faculty members. Each year BJUT is home to about 100 international scholars and faculty members from more than twenty countries and regions.

Ivorian faculty Adolph, Korean faculty Jiseo and British faculty Nick received the "BJUT Outstanding International Faculties Award"

As the core strength in local internationalization, international faculty members in our university offer language courses in English, Japanese, and Korean for students, as well as major courses taught bilingually or in full English in collaboration with Chinese faculties. International faculty members will also participate in research projects and student cultivating. BJUT has been committed to providing good living and teaching environment and the greatest support in academic and daily life for our international faculties.

Michael Thornton of Beijing-Dublin International College in BJUT teaching students

International faculties open foreign language salons for our students

At the same time, international faculties have also made great contributions to the education and research of our university. At present, a total of 6 international faculty members from BJUT have won the "Great Wall Friendship Award". Dr Nicholas Houston's research project was approved by the National Natural Science Foundation of China for Young International Scholars. He is also the first foreign expert from BJUT that was invited to Premier's Spring Festival Symposium, which represents a recognition of BJUT's achievement in the internationalization of education.

Professor Henry B. Mcloughlin of Beijing-Dublin International College in BJUT won "Beijing Great Wall Friendship Award 2021"

Dr Nicholas Houston was invited to Premier's Spring Festival Symposium (Image from CCTV news screenshot)

Dr Nicholas Houston attended Symposium held by the Ministry of Science and Technology