Overview of International Faculty

· As the core strength to promote the development of internationalization andinternationalized talent cultivation, introduction of international scholars and faculties have always been one of the most important work in BJUT.

· At present, BJUT is home to about 100 international scholars and faculties from more than twenty countries or regions who are here to teach English, Japanese, major courses, and also conduce research, supervise postgraduate students. We have always committed to creating sound working and living environment for international faculty. Three international faculties have been awarded Beijing Friendship Award which is given to a foreign expert who has made an outstanding contribution to Beijing’s economic and social progress. A few have been honored by Beijing Municipality and central government.

· In the future, BJUTwill never stop the march towards an "internationally-recognized, unique and high-level research-oriented university". Welcome more and more international talents to join us!

· Contact

· International Office

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· E-mail:internationalfaculty@bjut.edu.cn

· Office:Room 210A, Science Building