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BJUT International Student Appears in Feature Report of

Recently, in a series of reports themed "China's Ten Years in My Eyes", produced by, Kamolov Mehroj, a Tajikistan student studying at Beijing University of Technology (BJUT), was invited as a representative of the University's outstanding international students, to tell about the rapid development of China's infrastructure in his eyes; what he saw, heard, learned and felt in China, and of his life at BJUT. In addition to introducing China's remarkable achievements in the field of infrastructure, Kamolov Mehroj's story also highlighted the significant contribution of BJUT to the country's major projects.

Kamolov Mehroj is an undergraduate who has been studying Architecture at BJUT since 2018. Recent years have witnessed BJUT's continuous efforts to improve the quality of its international education and the creation of an internationalized campus. By cultivating outstanding international students in China, BJUT is making its contribution to building a solid foundation for people-to-people connections among the Belt and Road countries, part of the University's achieving its high-level international development.

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A Letter from China: An Architect's Dream-Chasing Journey in China

The development of China's infrastructure not only brings benefits to the Chinese people, but also acts as a dazzling "world business card"; a bridge for a shared future of global friendships. A large number of international students have come to China to study infrastructure related majors, and Kamolov Mehroj, a 23-year-old from Tajikistan, who is studying in Beijing University of Technology (BJUT), is one of them.

Go to China: a young man's dream to become an architect

In 2012 the National Library of Tajikistan was officially completed. Its ingenious architectural design and speedy completion deeply attracted Kamolov Mehrog, who has been fascinated with architecture since childhood. At the early age of 13 he made up his mind to go to China one day to study this subject. Mehroj was admitted to the Architecture major of BJUT four years later. In his first days in Beijing, he was captivated by the variety of buildings and elaborate structures in the streets and alleys. But what impressed him most was Beijing Daxing International Airport, which holds several world records and which became an Internet sensation shortly after it opened in 2019. Mehroj learned in class that teams from BJUT participated in its design and construction.

"Technically, the terminal of Beijing Daxing International Airport has been the most difficult to construct in the world", said Zhang Jianwei, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Civil and Transportation Engineering. Zhang mentioned that the airport has pioneered the use of double-deck departure and arrival platforms, and has a total of 82 gates. After leaving the security check area, a passenger only needs to walk 600 meters from the center of the terminal to reach the farthest gate. In order to provide more space for better passenger flow, the roof of the terminal is supported by twenty-five C-shape columns, a unique design technique that has achieved many "firsts" in global architectural history.

Chinese architecture shines for its record construction speed and time-tested quality

During his six years in China, Mehroj's favorite activity is to walk around Chinese cities, appreciating the buildings and the great charm of new examples of Chinese infrastructure. China's comprehensive land, sea and air transport systems and efficient communications systems, have greatly facilitated Mehroj's travels across China. In his eyes, the variety of distinctive architectural structures in the cities demonstrates the charm of Chinese infrastructure and architecture. In recent years, China has set the world record in terms of the number of completed super high-rise buildings, the number of super high-rise buildings over 250 meters tall ranking first in the world.

China's infrastructure, with its record "Chinese speed" of development and time-tested "Chinese quality", is like a huge textbook waiting to be read and studied by more and more young people, like Mehroj, from all over the world, allowing them to realize their architectural dreams here.

A Letter from China | China's Ten Years in My Eyes

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Copywriters: Liu Jia, Peng Yao