Industrial Collaboration
National-level Industry-University-Research Base: Mechanical Engineering Collaborative Innovation Base, Optimization for Operation and Control of Sewage Treatment Joint Training Practice Base for Postgraduates
Beijing Municipal level Industry-University-Research Base: Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Information Engineering Group Disciplines Joint Training Practice Base for Postgraduates

University level Industry-University-Research Base before 2018

University level Industry-University-Research Base between 2018 and 2019
No. Name of Corporation
No. Name of Corporation
1 Beijing Sohu New Media Information Technology Co., Ltd.
1 Beijing Boda Water Co., Ltd.
2 Beijing Gas Group Research Institute
2 Beijing City Mineral Resources Development Co., Ltd.
3 China Railway Construction Group Co., Ltd.
3 Beijing Miaoci Technology Co., Ltd.
4 Beijing Jinyu Group Technology Center
4 Beijing Guangqumen Middle School
5 Beijing Huanwei Group Environmental Research Development Co., Ltd.
5 Beijing Municipal Bridge Maintenance Management Group Co., Ltd.
6 Ruiskang Microelectronics (Shenzhen) co., LTD
6 Zhongguancun Trusted Computing Industry Alliance
7 Beijing M&B Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd.
7 Shandong Juli Welding Co., Ltd.
8 Beijing Tianhuihua Digital Technology Co., Ltd
8 Beijing Institute of Architectural Design Co., Ltd
9 Beijing Taijie Magnetoelectricity Research Institute
9 Bauhinia Sanyi Filtration Technology Co., Ltd.
10 Beijing MedEx Technology Co., Ltd.
10 Beijing Jiekong Technology Co., Ltd.
11 Beijing Hengshi Foundation Technology Co., Ltd.
11 Beijing Institute of Metrology and Testing
12 China Zhongyuan International Engineering Corporation
12 Beijing Century East China Railway Technology Co., Ltd.
13 Beijing Zhongruan Huatai Information Technology Co., Ltd.
13 Beijing Haotianyi Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.
14 Beijing Road Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd.
14 Beijing Institute of Space Mechatronics
15 Beijing Uni.-Construction Group Co., Ltd
15 Beijing Yezi Oubo Technology Development Co., Ltd.
16 Beijing Ruiyuan Wende Technology Co., Ltd.
16 Hanhai (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
17 Beijing Bolide Optoelectronic Technology Development Co., Ltd.
17 Beijing Huiboyuntong Technology Co., Ltd.
18 Yabao Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.
18 Beijing Tianyuan Technology Co., Ltd.
19 Beijing Yisi Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
19 Beijing Anguo Watercourse Automatic Control Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
20 Beijing Zhendong Guangming Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd.
20 Beijing Dayin Ruikang Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.
21 Beijing Aerospace Changfeng Co., Ltd. Medical Devices Branch
21 Liaoning Hanking Green Building Materials Co., Ltd.
22 Beijing Kangdehong Trade Development Co., Ltd.
22 Jiangsu Saiteng Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
23 Beijing Guoyao Hengrui Meilian Information Technology Co., Ltd.
23 Guangzhou Aozida Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd.
24 Beijing Wandong Software Technology Co., Ltd.
24 Sichuan Retsch Topway Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
25 Genor Biopharma Co., Ltd.
25 Beijing Space Idea Exhibition Co., Ltd.
26 Beijing National Highway Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.
26 Beijing Key Technology Co., Ltd.
27 Beijing Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.
27 Beijing Graphene Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.
28 Beijing Gas Group Specific Equipment Inspection Institute
28 Beijing Techbrook Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
29 Beijing Petroleum Machinery Factory
29 Beijing Zhongxing Micro Artificial Intelligence Chip Technology Co., Ltd.
30 Beijing Chaoyang District Special Equipment Testing Institute
30 National Engineering Laboratory for Flat Panel Display Glass Technology and Equipment
31 Tag Array Molecular Test Co., Ltd.
31 Hebei Window Glass Co., Ltd.
32 China Electronics Engineering Design Institute
32 Shandong Lehejia Daily Necessities Co., Ltd.
33 Shandong Weiyang Group Co., Ltd.
33 Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Planning, Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.
34 China Construction Engineering Design Group Co., Ltd.
34 Beijing Deck Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd.
35 Beijing Zinxing Sihuan Biotech Co., Ltd.
35 Beijing Panwoo Integrated Optoelectronic.Inc.
36 Jiangsu Sihuan Biology Co., Ltd.
36 Jiangxi Zhiyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
37 Nanning Yiju Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.
37 Xinguang Daoneng (China) Technology Co., Ltd.
38 Beijing Fangqiao Xingye Machinery Co.,Ltd.
38 Shahe Jingcheng Glass Co., Ltd.
39 Yongxing Huiyou New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
39 Beijing Dili Technology Co., Ltd.
40 Beijing Tianze Tianhe Fluid Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
40 Beijing Naxions Chuanglian Technology Co., Ltd.
41 Ande Membrane Separation Technology Engineering (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
41 4th Engineering Co., Ltd. of China Railway No.22 Bureau Group
42 Beijing Meihuada Environmental Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.
42 Spray Technology Co., Ltd.
43 Communication Measurement Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
43 Beijing Mingtai Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.
44 Beijing Huaxin Weite Technology Co., Ltd.
44 Inner Mongolia Qifangtian Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.
45 Jiangyin Bridge (Beijing) Engineering Co.,Ltd.
45 Beijing Yulu Sunshine Agriculture Co., Ltd.
46 Qingdao Hisense Intelligent Business System Co., Ltd.
46 Nanjing Baolei Information Technology Co., Ltd.
47 Huada Empyrean Software Co., Ltd.
47 Sunshine Kaisens(Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
48 Beijing Qingda Guohua Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
48 Hubei Youneide Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
49 Institute of Environmental Protection, North China Pharmaceutical Group
49 JiangSu Beiwu Advanced Materials Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
50 Beijing Health Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

51 Aviation Industry Filter Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center

52 Beijing Shenmairui Medical Electronic Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

53 Sinbo Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

54 Beijing Noa Tongzhou Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

55 United Imaging System (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

56 Tongzhou District Center for Disease Control and Prevention

57 Beijing Fangxing Lihua Technology Co., Ltd.

58 Beijing Kawin Technology Share-holding Co., Ltd

59 Beijing Shanshui Green Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

60 Beijing Ketai Xingda Hi-tech Co., Ltd.

61 Beijing Kwinbon Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

62 Forty-fifth Research Institute, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

63 Anhui Litt Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

64 Beijing Oriental Taihua Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

65 Universtar Science&Technology(Shenzhen)Co., Ltd.

66 Beijing Honglianzhong Light Steel Structure Housing Co., Ltd.

67 Beijing Tonglida Machinery Construction Co., Ltd.

68 Beijing Urban Construction Yatai Group Co., Ltd.

69 Beijing Gongda Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

70 Lenovo (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

71 Zhongyuan Environmental Test Electromechanical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

72 Taiji Computer Co., Ltd.

73 Dalian Haixin Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

74 Beijing Huiyuan Sanda Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd.

75 Beijing Zhubiao Construction Consultancy Co., Ltd.

76 Beijing Hitachi Beigongda Information System Co., Ltd.

77 Beijing Medical Model Technology Co.,Ltd.

78 Lianduo Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

79 Haifeng General Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.

80 Beijing Weimate Technology Co., Ltd.

81 Beijing Reconnaissance Design Research Institute Co., Ltd.

82 Beijing Aomi Feike Technology Co., Ltd.

83 Grikin Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

84 Beijing Baineng Bluesky Technology Co., Ltd.

85 Beijing Shengtianyou Network Technology Co., Ltd.

86 Beijing No.5 Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

87 CCRF(Beijing) Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

88 Beijing Jin Medley Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

89 Zhongshi Hongli (Beijing) Health Technology Co., Ltd.

90 Beijing Kale Micro Technology Co., Ltd.

91 Wuhan Puhua Big Data Technology Co., Ltd.

92 Beijing Yizhuang International Biomedical Investment Management Co., Ltd.

93 Shineway Pharmaceutical Group Ltd.

94 Beijing Century Honeycomb Network Technology Co., Ltd.

95 Beijing Conquer Optical Technology Co., Ltd.

96 Beijing Bovishitong Technology Co., Ltd.

97 E-Net Digital Communication (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

98 Beijing Urban Construction Road & Bridge Group Co., Ltd.

99 Beijing Nutrition Source Research Institute

100 Beijing Vimicro Electronics Co., Ltd.

101 Beijing Henghe Xinye Technology Co., Ltd.

102 Beijing Handian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

103 Zhongke Jingtou Environmental Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

104 China Special Equipment Testing and Research Institute

105 Beijing Ruipsi Technology Service Co., Ltd.

106 Shandong Fulong Glass Technology Co., Ltd.

107 Changzhou Houde Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd.

108 The 8th Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources of Shandong Province

109 Changzhi City Jiu'an Artificial Heart Technology Development Co., Ltd.

110 Beijing Richham Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

111 Advanced Corporation for Materials & Equipments (ACME)

112 Yunlong Platinum Cui Precious Metal Technology Co., Ltd.

113 CECEP(SHANTOU) Recycling Resources Technology Co., Ltd.

114 Beijing Enterprises Water Group (China) Investment Ltd.

115 Tao Juan (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

116 Beijing Hengshi Jiye Technology Co., Ltd.

117 Beijing Fairyland Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

118 Beijing Hongzhi Jiahe Technology Co., Ltd.