Beijing Institute of Artificial Intelligence


The College of Artificial Intelligence and Automation (formerly known as the Department of Electrical Engineering) was founded in 1960 and as the early group of similarspecialtiesin China, it has a long history with areputationas “the Cradle of Chief Engineer”. In 2004, after the university adjusted the structure of disciplines, optimizedthe management system at the levels of university and college, it was renamed as the School of Automation. With the establishment of the Faculty and the import of artificial intelligence, it wasrebranded astheCollege of Artificial Intelligence and Automationin 2019.

After years ofdetermined effortsand rapid development, the College has become a cradle of international innovative talents cultivation and a nationalstate-of-the-artscientific and technological innovation base with a profound culture, outstanding talents, strong academics andhigh-levelplatform. With the increasingly prestigious disciplines, it has become a pioneer in the construction and reform of China’s higher education. The discipline of “Control Science and Engineering” was awarded B + in the fourth round of evaluation, ranking the top 5 universities in Beijing. It is the engineering discipline with the best national discipline evaluation results among universities owned by Beijing Municipal. Especially in the2018 Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects, the“Control Science and Engineering” discipline ranked 14th in China and 7th in Beijing. In addition, it was selected as the Beijing “High-level, High-precision and Advanced” disciplines promoted in 2019.

The College of Artificial Intelligence and Automation has been at the forefront of undergraduate teaching reform in BJUT. It has introduced the education idea of integrating science and engineering disciplines into new engineering disciplines in the early years. At present, the College has established a diversified and personalized talent training program oriented to internationalization, including the3 + 1 Double Training Program (3-years studying at Tsinghua University), 3 + 1 + 1 Program (senior students can study at State University of New York at Buffalo and apply for the UB master’s degree in the 5thyear), 3 + 1 Program (senior students can study at Mikkeli Polytechnic), 2 + 2 Program (junior students can study at the University Of Dundee in the UK).These customized, diversified and personalized talent training system will foster you into thepillar of the country. There are famous teachers, Yangtze River scholars and distinguished young scholars to impart professional knowledge, and resolve doubts for you; there are rich and colorful three-dimensional practice and innovation systems to enhance great talents for practical use; there are national key disciplines and engineering research center supported by the Ministry of Education to provide you with splendid future.

Automation is the core and foundation of intellectualization; robot engineering specialty, the emerginginterdiscipline, is closely linked to automation specialty withmutual complementarity. Automation and robotics engineering are important conditions and significanthallmarks for the modernization of industry, agriculture, national defense and science and technology. They are the key technologies to promote the new technological revolution and new industrial revolution and the grand goal of reshaping the global economy, society, and military along the hard journey ahead.