Fan Gongxiu Honors College

Fan Gong xiu Honors College of BJUT was founded by BJUT in 2014 to further innovate the model of talent cultivation, give full play to BJUT’s advantages of high-quality teaching resources in engineering education and promote reform softeaching methods,teaching contents and learning methods for the cultivation of leading talents in engineering.The college is the "Innovation Experimental Zone in Talent Cultivation Model of Higher Engineering Education"of BJUT.It creates an innovative environment that stimulates students’strong interest and independent learning,providing a solid engineering foundation and personalized cultivation.The college develops a variety of advanced teaching models based on research-oriented teaching by setting up a wide range of courses and flexible course options, using a combination of classroom teaching, practical teaching,

Overseas study tours, scientific training and research practiceto consolidate students’ basic engineering abilities and expand students' capabilities of independent innovation and professional learning,laying a solid foundation for students' personal development and vocational success. The college is named after the former president of BJUT, Mr. Fan Gongxiu.Every year, 30 freshmen of those admitted to BJUT are selected to study at Fan Gongxiu Honors College thorough summer camps before a new semester begins.