College of Marxism

Marxism Theoryas a first-level master program in the College of Marxism has four researchfields: fundamental principles of Marxism,studyon localization of Marxism in China, ideological and political educationand party building. There are a group of young and middle-aged mentors and renowned teachers who are influential,caringand responsible.Research on both theoriesand practical problems, the embodiment of national requirements and Beijing characteristics and BJUT’srealityare attached importance to in all the fields. The college with prominent academic features has led 8 colleges and universities inBeijing,Tianjin andHebei to establish the "Collaborative Innovation Centre for Socialism Theoretical Research with Chinese Characteristics in Beijing Universities (Beijing University of Technology).”Reforms oneducation and teachingof ideological and political theoryare extensively influential in China.The college focuses onmultifaceted and characterized cultivation of postgraduates with solid fundamentals and bothabilities of scientific research and practice and party spirit cultivation.