College of Continuing Education

The College of Continuing Education (formerly the College of Adult Education) in Beijing University of Technology was founded in 1980. It is one of the earliest colleges in Beijing to hold adult education. Currently, there are more than 10,000 students on campus. In 1996, it was rated as "Excellent College" by the State and Municipal Education Commission. In 2001, it passed the "Undergraduate Evaluation" of Municipal Education Commission. In 2003, it was named "Advanced Collective of Enrollment Work" by the Municipal Education Commission.

As the department which provides adult education in Beijing University of technology, the College of Continuing Education has always adhered to the guiding ideology of serving the Capital's economic construction and constantly broadened the running function of adult education. In order to facilitate candidates to enter the college conveniently, the College opened four campuses, including East, West, North and South campuses. The East District of College of Continuing Education of Beijing University of technology is located at No. 100 Pingleyuan, Chaoyang District, which is close to the CBD Central area. The West District is an independent campus with complete teaching facilities, excellent running conditions and knowledgeable teachers. It is located in the North Road of West Third Ring in Haidian District, close to Zizhuyuan Overpass and Huayuancun Overpass. The traffic is very convenient for students from different regions of the City to enter campus.

The College of Continuing Education relies on the high-level faculty and experimental equipment of Beijing University of technology. It has multimedia classroom, laboratory, voice classroom, library, gymnasium, swimming pool and so on. The faculty ms have solid theoretical foundation, rich teaching experience and practical abilities. Most of them have intermediate and senior titles, and have made outstanding achievements in the teaching and research front line of Beijing University of technology.

In order to meet the needs of reform and opening up, the College of Continuing Education has successively opened 15 enrollment majors, which has basically formed a school running system with complete categories (science, engineering, management, and culture) at various levels (junior college and undergraduate education), varios forms of learning (amateur and correspondence) and diverse specifications (academic education, international project cooperation, grade examination and short-term training) and strong complementarity.