Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Beijing University of Technology, was established in September 2017 with College of Social Sciences, College of Foreign Language, Institute of Higher Education , College of Intellectual Property, and Culture and Arts Education Center.

The Faculty has 163 full-time teachers including 1 member of Steering Committee of Social Sciences Teaching of the Ministry of Education; 1 outstanding talent in philosophy, social sciences, culture and arts of the Beijing High-level Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent Supporting Program; 2 talent of “Four Batch”, Beijing municipal propaganda and culture system; 2 candidates and social scientists for the cross-century Hundred People Project of Beijing; 2 outstanding talents recognized by Beijing municipal Party Committee Organization Department; 4 top young talents recognized by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education; 7 appointed teacher leaders according to the Plan of Strengthening Talent Nurturing in Beijing Higher Education Institutions. The Faculty has 927students among which are 688 undergraduates, 239 postgraduates, and 6 international students.

The Faculty currently runs four province-level scientific research centers, and one of which, the Beijing Social Management Research Center has been selected as a source for China Think Tank Index (CTTI). The Faculty has 2 innovation teams that are included in the Plan of Strengthening Talent Nurturing in Beijing Higher Education Institutions; 7 integrated platforms co-established with Beijing municipal government to connect government, the industry,university, research, and applications; along with other scientific research institutions such as the Institute of Social Studies, Beijing Research and Data Center, Human Resources Studies Center, Research Institute of Cultural and Creative Industries, and Research Center of Foreign Languages, Literature and Culture. The Sociology Department of the College of Social Sciences was awarded as an advanced group in capital "Education Pioneer" by the Beijing Education Labor Union. The Institute of Higher Education, former the Higher Education Institution, was awarded as a "National Excellent Higher Education Research Institution" three times by the China Association of Higher Education.

Also, based on the National College Student Cultural Education Program, the Faculty has built the College Student Culture and Arts Education Center to provide students with multiple general literature or arts courses. The characteristic quality-oriented education has fostered humanistic spirit and innovation ability in students.