College of Art and Design

With 133 professional teachers including 11 professors, 42 associate professors and 116 teachers with Master’s degree, College of Art and Design consists of 9 departments: Department of Industrial Design, Department of Fashion Design, Department of Visual Communication Design, Department of Media Design, Department of Arts and Crafts, Department of Fine Art, Department of Sculpture and Institute of Art and Design Theory. 11 undergraduate programs of the College include Product Design, Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design, Fashion Design, Environmental Design, Art in Digital Media, Animation, Arts and Crafts, Painting, Sculpture and Advertising. With Master’s degree in first-categoryof design, the College is authorized to admit postgraduates of two majors-Professional Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and Professional Master of Industrial Design Engineering.

The College adheres to the fundamental task of moral education, integrates the construction of ideological and political courses and "Three Aspects of Education" into the whole process of talent cultivation, adheres to the spirit of the school motto of "never cease to be the body, and daily innovation is the way", facing the major needs of the country and Beijing city, the college comprehensively carries out the "Double First-Class" construction. Highlight the discipline concept of "Inheritance,Characteristics,Innovation" in talent training, and combine art theory,design topics and creative practice. Using labs, studios, and enterprise training bases as practical classrooms, encourages students to join teachers’ programs and projects, to engage in international and domestic design competitions, activities in design workshops, master forums and various exhibitions and to cooperate and communicate with institutes or universities in art design in China and abroad. All these aims to provide students with the quality of cross-border, collaboration, multi-disciplinary integration and international vision. With employment rate remaining over 95% in consecutive years, teaching staff and students of the College have won numerous awards in domestic and international art and design activities.