BJUT Volunteers of Olympic Winter Games Received Commendation

On April 19th, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics Review and Awards Ceremony was held by the Beijing Municipality and the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games. Outstandinggroups and individuals were commended at the ceremony for their notable contributions to the Games.

The volunteer team from Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) won the title of "OutstandingGroup". Ren Wei, Yang Feng and Zhou Zongyuan, faculty members and staff from BJUT, were awarded the title of "Outstanding Individuals".

During the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, 436 BJUT volunteers stayed on 39 posts and provided over 150,000 hours of services. From beginning to end, they always responded swiftly and enthusiastically, around the clock, to the various needs of incoming delegations.

Ren Wei, the director of the Recruitment Office in the Volunteer Department, was responsible for volunteer recruitment, the liaison between the Committee and universities, and event testing. He also compiled important documents about volunteers' management, audience experience, and event services.

Yang Feng, was in charge of the successful implementation of technological projects throughout the Games. The perfect fusion between art and technology at both the opening and closing ceremonies, which captivated audience from all over the world, also involved his efforts behind the scene.

Zhou Zongyuan, the deputy manager of volunteers in the Winter Olympic (Paralympic) village, assisted the selection and training of nearly 900 volunteers, who received high praise from both athletes and the Committee staff.