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BJUT Held Commencement Ceremony 2022

On July 5, BJUT held the Commencement Ceremony which brought together university leaders, faculty representatives and the Class of 2022. The event was broadcast virtually.

Jiang Zeting, Secretary of the CPC BJUT Committee, presided over the ceremony. In his opening remarks, Secretary Jiang gave high praise to all the graduates who have worked as one and acted responsibly since the early outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020. In addition, Jiang expressed his ardent hope that all BJUT graduates will stay committed to the motto of "Persistent Striving, the Principle; Pursuit of Innovation, the Path", and that they will act in a good and virtuous manner and devote themselves to the noble mission of national rejuvenation.

President Nie Zuoren delivered the commencement speech entitled "Pressing on, you'll go far; Thinking anew, you'll achieve more", in which he thanked all the BJUT graduates for their notable contribution to campus pandemic control, the University's 60th anniversary and many national major events including the 70th National Celebration and the Winter Olympic Games 2022. Nie sent his sincere wishes to the Class of 2022 that they will all achieve great success and realize their dreams with hearts full of gratitude for all those who have helped them, and that they will always keep their ambition to serve the country and to have a life-long passion for innovation.

The university leadership announced the lists of degree recipients, outstanding graduates and excellent graduation papers.

Gao Wenbin, representative of the Class of 2022, made a speech expressing his heartfelt gratitude to BJUT for every unforgettable moment and each valuable opportunity that have enabled him to grow more mature.

Zhou Qian, alumnus of BJUT, first-prize winner of the National S&T Progress Awards and Senior Engineer of the Palace Museum, was also invited to present an online speech in which he encouraged all the graduates to take what they had learned at BJUT to scale new heights and make greater contribution to national economic and social progress.

At the ceremony, the lists of degree recipients, the awards of outstanding graduates and excellent graduation papers, and the winners of "My Favorite Teacher" were announced.

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