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BJUT Attended 2022 CIFTIS

The 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) was held from September 1 to 5. Forty-six students from Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) served as CIFTIS volunteers at the Shougang Park venue for a total of 2,300 hours.

Jiang Zeting, Secretary of the CPC BJUT Committee, and Liu Jianping, Vice President of BJUT, visited the volunteers and expressed their gratitude on behalf of the University.

The thoughtful service and warm smiles of the volunteers, who formed the front line greeting and welcoming guests to the Service Trade Fair, were an integral part of the friendly atmosphere of CIFTIS, showing the positive face of young BJUTers, again proving the impeccable reputation of the University's volunteers.

Beijing-Dublin International College (BDIC) demonstrated the achievements in international cooperative education over the past decade. Under the witness of top leaders from China and Ireland, BJUT and University College Dublin (UCD) jointly established BDIC in 2012. Over the past ten years, taking "nurturing high-quality, innovation-driven talented individuals with an international vision" as its core mission, BDIC has achieved outstanding educational outcomes and has become a model for cooperative education and transnational institutional cooperation between China and other countries.

At present, BDIC provides four programs: The Internet of Things Engineering, Software Engineering, Financial Economics, and Electronic and Information Engineering. The College has trained more than 1,600 graduates, with 73.4% on average pursuing further study after graduation from BDIC. Among those who chose to further their studies, 63% were admitted to the top 100 universities listed in the QS World University Rankings. The BDIC students have been highly praised by their employers.