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BJUT Approved by NSFC for a Major International (Regional) Joint Research Project

The 2022 National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) project review results were announced recently. A project from the Faculty of Science in BJUT has been approved for a major international (regional) joint research project.

The project, with the title "Terahertz Illumination Field Manipulation and Computational Imaging", was jointly submitted by Prof. Wang Dayong's team at the Faculty of Science, BJUT, and the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University College Dublin (UCD). The project was proposed in response to the urgent need for various high-precision non-destructive testing systems in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and biomedicine, and as a key element in the construction of Beijing as a center for international scientific and technological innovation. Professor John T. Sheridan from UCD is an internationally renowned scholar in the field of optics, a Fellow of the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers, the Optical Society of America and the Society of Applied Mathematics. He is also Head of UCD's School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Prof Wang Dayong's team from BJUT is known for its distinctive research in optical information processing, digital holography and terahertz imaging. Dr. John J. Healy's team from UCD was awarded the Beijing University of Technology International Scientific Research Cooperation Seed Fund in 2015, and participated in the NSFC's general project application process, receiving approved in 2021. John J. Healy is also an officially-employed foreign faculty member seconded by UCD to the Beijing-Dublin International College (BDIC) at BJUT.

The approval of this major international (regional) joint research project represents a new breakthrough in BJUT's all-round strategic cooperation with UCD, which is expected to further promote the internationalization of BJUT and the development of its fundamental disciplines.