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2022 International Education Week

An International Invitation Letter to You!

Pursuing Excellence and Furthering Internationalized Development

Dear faculty and students,

The 2022 International Education Week of Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) is coming! Themed by "Pursuing Excellence and Furthering Internationalized Development" and focusing on the cultivation of talented individuals with global vision, the International Education Week this year presents 19 thematic events and 46 special presentations. You're sincerely welcome to attend this cultural feast, where you can expect to be fully immersed in an internationalized campus atmosphere that features diversified cultural elements from across the globe.

Part I

Cultivation of International Talents

Through a series of activities aimed at cultivating international talented individuals, BJUT students, on campus, will get an opportunity to immerse themselves in an international vibe, appreciate the fascination of cutting-edge scientific research and expand their global vision, thus accelerating their pace of growth in becoming talented internationally-minded people. The "One Faculty, One Brand" exhibition, online promotions, keynote presentations and expert lectures will provide customized options for students.

1. "One Faculty, One Brand" Exhibition on International Talents Cultivation

Time: Oct 29 - Nov 24

Venue: Pingleyuan Campus, Xuezi Road, Tongzhou Campus

2. "World Masters' Lectures" & Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Experts Symposium (11 Sessions)

Time: Nov 4-9

More details to be announced.

3. "Perspectives on Studying Abroad" – Young mentors sharing views on students' international development (20 sessions)

Time: Oct 27 - Nov 16

More details to be announced.

4. "Explore World-class Universities" Series Lectures

Time: Nov 11-15

More details to be announced.

5. Global Culture and Foreign Languages Salon Series

Time: Nov 7-30

More details to be announced.

6. Release of Short-term Overseas Student Exchange Programs during the 2022 Winter Vocation

Time: Nov 3 (via International Office Weichat channel)

More details to be announced.

7. Promotion of Long-term and Short-term Overseas Student Exchange Programs

Time: Nov 9

Venue: North Square of the Library

8. English Language Workshop

Time: Nov 7-16

Venue: Room 102, Wenqu Building, Tongzhou Campus

9. "Chinese Language Corner" Series Activities

Time: Late Oct - Late Dec

Venue: Multimedia Classroom, 9th Floor of the 4th Teaching Building

10. The 16th Mini International Day

Time: Nov 9

Venue: North Square of the Library

11. "The Years after Graduation" International Alumni Forum

Time: Oct 16-23

More details to be announced.

12. "Perceiving China" Activities

Time: Oct - Nov

Venue: Planning Exhibition Hall, Qianmen Street, Institute of Ancient Architecture, etc.

13. Traditional Culture Experience Series Activities for International Students

Time: Oct - Late Nov

Venue: Sports Ground, Calligraphy and Painting Room of 4th Teaching Building, etc.

14. National-themed Culture Salon

Time: Late Oct

Venue: Multimedia Classroom, 9th Floor of the 4th Teaching Building

15. The 23rd China Annual Conference & Expo for International Education

Time: Nov 10-12

Venue: China National Convention Center

Part II

Building an International Faculty Team

To promote the building of an international faculty team, a series of activities will be held to focus on the development of disciplines and students' needs, and to provide an international development platform for young faculty members, helping them to improve their global vision and competence in comprehensive international governance. This will help to establish a supporting system to facilitate international talent training.

1. 2022 Appointment Ceremony of Young Mentors for Students' International Development

More details to be announced.

2. Series of Lectures on International Research Cooperation

Time: Mid Nov

More details to be announced.

3. BJUT - Nanyang Technological University Overseas Faculty Training

Time: Oct 25 - Nov 24

More details to be announced.

Part III

Anniversary Celebrations - For a Better Future!

On the occasion of celebrating its 10th anniversary, Beijing-Dublin International College (BDIC) at BJUT will invite the presidents, the heads engaged in international exchanges and in charge of Sino-foreign joint education programs from well-known universities in China and abroad, as well as other Chinese and foreign researchers, to discuss the issues of high-quality international education, talent cultivation and the quality control of Sino-foreign joint education programs, to promote the quality development of Sino-foreign joint education.

Time: Nov 25-26

Venue: BJUT Rongshi International Exchange Center (originally known as Jianguo Hotel)