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BJUT holds 2023 "Sound of Spring" Concert and a Special Show for the 35th Anniversary of the Student Choir

On May 4, BJUT successfully held the 2023 Sound of Spring concert at Zhongshan Park Music Hall in Beijing. The concert also included a special show celebrating the 35th anniversary of the founding of the student choir. The student symphony orchestra, the student choir and the faculty choir performed several Chinese and foreign classics together.

At the beginning of the show, Vice President Zhai Tianrui presented letters of appointment to: Li Libei, art adviser to the student art troupe; Yang Youqing, as guest conductor; and Xin Mucong, conductor of the student symphony orchestra.

The first half of the event was a special show celebrating the 35th anniversary of the founding of the student choir.

The second half was a performance by the student symphony orchestra.

Founded in 1987, the BJUT student choir provides a platform for students who love choral singing, enabling them to communicate with each other and demonstrate and improve their skills. With the support of the University, the choir has continued to grow and was honored as the "University Student Choir of the Capital" in 1992. In recent years, BJUT's choir has won the gold medal for vocal music performance in the Beijing College Students Music Festival many times.

BJUT's student symphony orchestra was founded in 2000. After 20 years of unremitting effort, it has grown into a non-vocational student art group of a high professional standard. It has won many awards at music festivals at home and abroad, and has carried out cultural exchange activities in Japan, Russia and other countries. For many years in a row, it has held New Year concerts and Sound of Spring special shows at the National Center for the Performing Arts and Zhongshan Park Music Hall.