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Wei Bingjiang, President of Hong Kong Baptist University Visits BJUT

On October 13th, Professor Wei Bingjiang, President of Hong Kong Baptist University, and his delegation visited Beijing University of Technology (BJUT). Nie Zuoren, President of BJUT, welcomed the delegation.

President Nie extended a warm welcome to President Wei and his delegation. He provided an overview of BJUT's history and current development. President Nie emphasized that BJUT has consistently adhered to its original aspiration and mission of "Serving the capital city and the country with science and technology". The University has consistently aligned its efforts with the nation's and capital city's needs, nurturing a culture of innovation, maintaining a robust pace of progress, and enhancing its ability to contribute to national strategies and the capital city's high-quality development. He expressed the hope that both universities would forge a close and collaborative relationship, mutually reinforcing each other, and achieving significant advancements in talent development and scientific research.

President Wei conveyed his heartfelt appreciation of the warm reception he and his delegation received at BJUT. He also provided a brief overview of the historical development and present status of Hong Kong Baptist University. President Wei stressed that Hong Kong Baptist University is dedicated to its mission of cultivating well-rounded, internationally minded, and innovative individuals. He expressed eagerness for the establishment of institutional partnerships and the start of fruitful academic exchanges and cooperation between the two universities.