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Delegation from Technische Universität Ilmenau led by Vice President Jens Müller Visits BJUT

On September 6th, a delegation from Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany visited BJUT. The delegation was led by Vice President Jens Müller and included Peter Schaaf, Dean of the University's School of Micro and Nanotechnology. Chen Shujun, Vice President of BJUT, met with the delegation, together with the heads of BJUT's International Office and the Faculty of Environment and Life.

Vice President Chen Shujun extended a warm welcome to the delegation. He provided an overview of BJUT and highlighted the University's major initiatives and achievements in actively contributing to the development of China and Beijing. During the meeting, Dean Peter Schaaf was presented with the "2021 International Cooperation Zhongguancun Award of the Beijing Science and Technology Award". Vice President Chen emphasized BJUT's strong commitment to international development, especially in the field of international scientific research cooperation. He noted the University's long-standing history of exchanges and its solid foundation of cooperation in different disciplines with several German technical universities. He expressed his hope that both universities would expand and deepen their collaboration, building upon nearly a decade of exchanges between their relevant disciplinary teams, and that they will deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in areas such as talent development and scientific research.

Vice President Jens Müller expressed his gratitude for the warm reception given to them by BJUT. He gave an overview of Technische Universität Ilmenau, its disciplines and majors, and its interdisciplinary research. He highlighted the strong foundation of past cooperation between the two universities, and the ample opportunities both can share. He looked forward to establishing a university-level partnership as soon as possible to jointly cultivate more high-end innovative talents.

Dean Peter Schaaf conveyed his delight at receiving the "International Cooperation Zhongguancun Award". He considered it a testament to the dedicated collaboration of disciplinary teams from both universities and a source of encouragement. Schaaf expressed his hope for continued collaboration with BJUT, deepening their friendship, and further promoting their practical cooperation.