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Mo Jiahao, Vice President of Lingnan University, Hong Kong SAR Visits BJUT

On October 5th, Mo Jiahao, Vice President of Lingnan University, Hong Kong SAR visited Beijing University of Technology (BJUT).

Qiao Junfei, Vice President of BJUT, extended a warm welcome to the delegation and provided an overview of BJUT's development. He highlighted the contributions the University has made in serving the capital city's "Four Centers" strategy. Vice President Qiao emphasized that BJUT, guided by its mission of "Serving the capital city and the country with science and technology", is dedicated to promoting the integration of industry and education, and of science and research. He expressed the hope that both sides will deepen their cooperation further, promote the implementation of high-level talent cultivation and academic project research cooperation, and work together to achieve fruitful results.

Mo Jiahao expressed his gratitude for his warm reception at BJUT and provided an overview of Lingnan University's development. He added that the cooperation between the two universities is stable, with a strong foundation and wide potential. He expressed his anticipation of enhancing the interaction between the two universities, which they continue to build institutional partnerships, and jointly cultivate more outstanding talents. This, he believed, would make new contributions to the high-quality development of both universities.

During the visit, Qiao Junfei, on behalf of the University, presented an honorary certificate to Mo Jiahao and appointed him as an honorary professor at BJUT.