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102 BJUT Scholars Included in the World's Top 2% of Scientists List by Stanford University

Recently, Stanford University released its list of the World's Top 2% of Scientists. Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) has a total of 102 scholars included for the year 2023, an increase of 26 compared to last year, this number of scholars included representing a new high. Among them, 29 scholars were selected into the Career-Long Impact (1960-2023).

The World's Top 2% of Scientists List is published by the team of Professor John P. A. Ioannidis of Stanford University. The database includes about 200,000 famous scientists in various fields from all over the world, and is divided into 22 disciplines and 176 sub-disciplines. This list serves as a valuable tool for assessing the long-term research performance of scientists, and provides an objective and authentic assessment of the impact of their work.