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A BJUT-led International Standard Released

The international standard ISO/IEC 24392:2023 Cybersecurity - Security reference model for industrial Internet platform(SRM-IIP), proposed by China, has been officially released. Professor Yang Zhen from the Faculty of Information Technology at Beijing University of Technology served as the proposal editor for this international standard, and Associate Professor Li Tong and others served as co-editors.

ISO/IEC 24392, as the first international standard in the field of industrial cybersecurity, has constructed a reference model for the security of industrial Internet platforms, based on three perspectives: the industrial Internet platform security domain, the system life-cycle, and business scenarios. This international standard is designed to address platform security issues in the development and application of the industrial Internet. Using the guidance of this standard, industrial Internet enterprises and related research institutions can develop specific security solutions for different industrial scenarios, design defense measures, and enhance the security of the infrastructure of industrial Internet platforms.