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BJUT Science and Technology Museum Opens

On January 3rd, the Beijing University of Technology Science and Technology Museum opening ceremony was held, as well as the launch event for the Digital Promotion Conference on the Transformation of Science and Technology Achievements. Jiang Zeting, Secretary of the CPC BJUT Committee, Nie Zuoren, Presidentof BJUT; and other university leadership members attended the ceremony.

President Nie Zuoren emphasized that the Science and Technology Museum plays a crucial role as a platform for the University to showcase its technological achievements, tell scientific research stories, and disseminate popular scientific knowledge. Launching the Science and Technology Museum at the beginning of the new year fully underlines BJUT's confidence and determination to drive high-quality development through technological innovation.

The BJUT Science and Technology Museum, centered on "Serving the Capital City and the Country with Science and Technology", utilizes a digital and interactive approach to achieve an immersive exhibition experience that underscores the University's notable technological achievements in high-end equipment, advanced materials, urban development, artificial intelligence, aspects of life and health, as well as environmental protection and energy. Featuring large-screen immersive systems, flexible displays, and interactive physical models of significant technological achievements, the museum serves as an integrated platform for displaying and promoting the University's scientific and technological achievements, as well as offering popular science education. The 466-square-meter exhibition space of the museum is divided into six sections: an Introductory Hall, a Research Overview Section, a Multi-functional Display Area, a Model Area, a Technological Innovation Area, and a Temporary Exhibition Area.