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BJUT Hosts Principals' Forum on Integrating Primary, Secondary, and Higher Education for High Quality Talent Cultivation

With the theme of "Win-Win Cooperation for Shared Development", a forum was convened at Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) from April 17 to 19, on the integration of primary, secondary, and higher education. The forum aimed at improving high quality talent cultivation and enhancing exchanges between top secondary school principals. This event attracted over 300 attendees, including administrators in education sector, education experts and scholars, as well as principals from more than 140 prestigious secondary schools, such as Tsinghua University High School, the High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University, and the Middle School Affiliated to Beijing Jiaotong University. Discussions delved into topics on "Constructing a Comprehensive Talent Cultivation System across All Educational Stages", "Strengthening Mutual Promotion, Organic Connection, and Cooperative Coordination Between Higher Education and Basic Education", and "Exploring New Models and Paths for High Quality Talent Cultivation".

On April 18, the opening ceremony were attended by Jiang Zeting, Secretary of CPC BJUT Committee; Nie Zuoren, President of BJUT; Zhang Hui, Deputy Secretary of CPC BJUT Committee; Li Jianrong, Vice President of BJUT; Yang Jianglin, Second-level Inspector of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission; and Yang Hongfu, Deputy Secretary of the Work Committee and Director of the Zhongguancun Chaoyang Park Management Committee.

At the opening ceremony, the "Beijing University of Technology Action Planfor Collaboration and Innovation in Primary, Secondary, and Higher Education" was unveiled.

The keynote session was chaired by Dong Jian, Secretary of the Education Work Committee of the CPC Chaoyang District Committee. Zhou Jianhua, Executive Vice Principal of RDFZ United Schools; Fang Yan, Principal of Tsinghua University High School; Xia Qingfeng, Principal of Beijing Academy; and Song Wei, CPC Committee Secretary of Shijiazhuang No. 2 High School, Hebei Province, delivered keynotes on topics such as the early cultivation of outstanding innovative talents, high-quality development, and the integration of primary, secondary, and higher education. They shared their schools' exploration and practices in cultivating high-quality talents.

On April 19, the attendees visited BJUT's Party Building Hall, Cultural Hall, Science and Technology Museum, Yifu Library, Undergraduate Innovation Exhibition Hall, Artificial Intelligence Base, and various laboratories.

The successful hosting of this forum has not only provided a platform for exchanges and cooperation between secondary schools and universities, but also offered valuable exploration and inspiration for establishing a distinctive Chinese model of integrated education for the cultivation of outstanding innovative talents from primary through higher education. Attendees reached a consensus onusing this forum as an opportunity to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation and jointly promote high-quality educational development.