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BJUT Hosts International Academic Conference on Art and Technology

From May 25 to 26, the "Convergence & Co-Creation" International Academic Conference on Art and Technology was successfully held, co-organized by the Beijing Interdisciplinary Science Society and Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) and hosted by the College of Art and Design at BJUT. The event featured speeches delivered by Zhou Ji, Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chairman of the Beijing Interdisciplinary Science Society; Xu Hejian, First-Class Inspector of the Publicity Department of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee; Li Bin, Director of the Industrial Development Division at the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission; and Liu Jianping, Vice President of BJUT. Experts and scholars from numerous domestic and international universities, along with industry representatives, gathered to explore new trends and pathways in the integration of art and technology.

During the conference, the Design Innovation Committee of the Beijing Interdisciplinary Science Society was officially inaugurated. This committee aims to bring together experts and scholars from various fields to explore new concepts and methods in design innovation, contributing to China's technological and cultural advancement. It plans to organize academic exchange activities, promote the transformation and application of academic achievements, participate in national and local design innovation projects, and drive breakthroughs in the realm of design. The committee will also provide intellectual and technical support for industrial development and strive to cultivate design talents.

The conference included three parallel sub-forums, these being "Dual Carbon" Design; Digital and Intelligent Design Empowering Urban Renewal; and Cross-Cultural Exchange of Art and Technology. Over 30 scholars from domestic and international universities delivered presentations. This successful event provided a high-quality platform for experts, scholars, and practitioners in art and technology to exchange ideas, fostering design innovation and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration.