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The First International Academic Conference on Smart Constructionwas Held

The First International Academic Conference on Smart Construction was held at the Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) from May 29 to 31. The conference, themed on "Green, smart, and interconnected development", brought together 200 experts and scholars from home and abroad to discussin depth key topics such as smart planning and design, resilient cities, urban renewal, intelligent disaster prevention and reduction, and smart transportation. Attendees included:

Wang Wei, Vice Presidentof BJUT;

Li Ke, Director of the Science and Information Technology Department, Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development;

Hao Hong, Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences & Engineering;

Billie F. Spencer, Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Polish Academy of Sciences;

Du Xiuli, Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering;

Zhao Yangang, Foreign Fellow of the Engineering Academy of Japan.

Zhao Yangang, Hao Hong, Billie F. Spencer, and other experts delivered keynote speeches and reports on topics such as "Smart Construction and Intelligent Maintenance with Green and Low Carbon Development", "Smart Transport Infrastructure Health Monitoring by IoT Sensing and Computer Vision", "The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Technological Progress", and "Intelligent Design Methods and Applications Based on Structural Topology Optimization". The attending scholars actively discussed and exchanged ideas. The inauguration ceremony of the editorial board of Smart Construction was held during the conference.

Over 50 sessions were held in sub-forums, covering themes such as smart construction, intelligent building, bridge construction, acoustic testing, urban construction, in-situ construction, and intelligent disaster prevention.

Participating faculty members and students said that the conference presented China's major achievements in recent years, in the field of intelligent construction and smart operations. The holding of the conference has also improved the international influence of BJUT's Civil Engineering discipline.