Bao Zhenshan

Name: Bao Zhenshan

Gender: Male

Degrees: Master’s Degree

Title: Associate professor

E-mail :

Current Professional Societies

1. Member of Technical Committee for Industrial control Computer;

2. Member of China Computer Federation (CCF).

Research Areas

1. Research on heterogeneous system architectures such as new cpu-gpu, cpu-fpga and cpu-dsp, mainly applied in the fields of finance, medicine and polar scientific research, and mainly completed specialized data analysis, real-time processing and visual presentation.

2. The design and development of the Internet of things system based on edge (edge computing) cloud (cloud computing) collaboration, the application fields include Internet of vehicles, smart transportation, smart city, etc.

Personal Statement

Bao Zhenshan,Associate Professor and Master Student Supervisor, has presided over more than 10 research projects. He is the (co-)author of more than 20 papers, which have been published on important international and domestic scientific journals and conferences.