Chen Chao

Name: Chen Chao

Gender: Female

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Professor

E-mail :

Current Professional Societies

  • Member of the Air Conditioning Heat Pumps Professional Committee of the China Institute of Refrigeration;

  • Member of the National Health Residential Construction Experts Committee;

  • Member of the Green Building and Energy Conservation Professional Committee of the China Urban Science Research Association;

  • Member of the editorial committee of the HVAC magazine.

Research Areas

  • Green building technology;

  • The indoor environment control technology of building;

  • Optimization design and energy-saving operation control technology of building ventilation and air-conditioning system;

  • Solar energy-phase transition energy storage technology;

  • Ground-source heat pump air conditioning technology;

  • Floor radiation cold and warm supply technology;

  • Gas/Oil/Biofuel Burners, Boilers and Incinerators;

  • Key technologies of metro thermal environment control ;

  • Key technologies for urban underground road ventilation and pollution control.


  • The results of the research "High-yielding greenhouse technology and application based on phase change heat storage and solar energy utilization technology" won the second prize(invention category) of Beijing Science and Technology in 2017(ranked first);

  • "Solar Energy-Phase Transition Heat Storage Greenhouse New Technology Application Demonstration and Its Key Technologies" won the 8th Beijing Invention and Innovation Gold Award(ranked first) in 2014;

  • "PM2 .5 pollution full process control theory and key technologies in the building" won the first prize of Huaxia Construction Science and Technology in 2017(ranked fourth);

  • The relevant research results have published more than 150 academic papers in academic journals and international conferences at home and abroad;

  • About 60 articles have been collected in SCI, EI, ISTP, and Japan's scientific and technological literature;

  • More than 20 national invention patents.


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    Personal Statement

As the project leader, I have undertaken five research projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation(NSFC), Special Research Fund for Doctoral Points in higher education, two Beijing Natural Science Funds, Beijing Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Education Commission, Beijing Organization Department Outstanding Talent Fund, Beijing Personnel Bureau, Xinjiang Autonomous Region Science and Technology Department funded by other institutions. Projects I presided over are as follows:

Research & Enterprise and Learning

Project Title



The study of key technologies for the construction and operation of underground roads in cities

National science and technology research grant

Project leader

The study and demonstration of key technologies for the comprehensive transformation of existing buildings

National science and technology research grant

Project leader

New methods for green design and technology optimization of residential buildings in northern areas

National key research and development plans grant

Project leader

Identification and monitoring of indoor microbial pollution sources and comprehensive control technologies

National key research and development plans grant

Project leader

Fire Safety Evaluation and Emergency System Study of Metro System

Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission

Project leader

Research on Green Building Design Technology and Methods for Large Public Buildings

China Railway Construction Group Co. Ltd

Project leader

Key Technology Research on the Soil-Source Heat Pumps System in the hot summer and cold winter district

China Aviation Planning and Construction Development Co. Ltd

Project leader

Feasibility Study on the Efficient Application of Renewable Energy Technology in Super Airports

Beijing Capital International Airport Co. Ltd

Project leader

Assessment of Heating Metrology and Metrology of Energy Saving Residential Buildings in Beijing

China Construction Science Research

Project leader