Chen Meng

Name: Chen Meng

Gender: Female

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Professor

E-mail :

Research Areas:

1. Novel all-solid-state laser.

2. Ultrafast laser technology.

3. Laser frequency conversion.


  1. Ning Ma, Meng Chen*, Ce Yang, et al. High-efficiency 50 W burst-mode hundred picosecond green laser[J]. High Power Laser Science and Engineering, 2020, 8(1).

  2. Ce Yang, Hong-Pan Peng, Meng Chen, Yao-Yao Xue, Shang Lu, Ning Ma, Xin-Biao Du, Xie Zhang, 1 kHz dual sub-pulse train picosecond radially polarized beam KGW Raman generator capable of achieving multiple optical communication wavelength, Optics Communications, 452, 2019: 481–486.


    Personal Statement

    Chen Meng, professor at the Institute of Laser Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, has been engaged in research on laser technology and applications for more than 30 years. She has participated in and presided over the Eighth, Ninth, Eleventh Five-Year Plan Key Programs for Science and Technology Development of China, and Key projects of National and Beijing Natural Science Foundation. She won the Second-Class Prize of the 1997 Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award, and the 2016 Special Prize of Surveying and Mapping Technology Progress Award. Since 2000, she has been primarily engaged in the research of SESAM mode-locking, high repetition frequency all-solid-state picosecond laser amplification, picosecond laser frequency conversion, and the application in laser satellite ranging and laser micro-processing. She has been granted more than 20 invention patents, obtained 12 software copyrights, and published more than 100 papers.