Ai Xiaoqing

Name: Ai Xiaoqing

Gender: Male

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Associate professor

E-mail :

Current Professional Societies

1. Member of Statistical Education Society China;

2. Member of Commerce Statistical Society of China;

3. Member of Beijing Statistical Society;

4.Member of china industrial economics society.

Research Areas

1. Economic statistics, statistical survey and inequality measurement;

2. Employment, income and labor economics;

3. Micro-econometric model.


1. Measurement of Income Mobility: A New Method and its Application, Statistical Research, 2016 (4):71-77

2. Method of Decomposition of Urban and Rural Mixed Gini Coefficient, Statistical Research, 2015 (9):91-96

3. Construction and Application of Matching Coefficient under PPS sampling, Statistical Research, 2014 (12):88-91

4. Calculation and Decomposition of Gini Coefficient under Multiple Groups, The Journal of Quantitative & Technological Economics, 2014 (6):142-152

5. Measurement, Evolution Trend and Influencing Factors of Urban-Rural Income and Consumption Gap from a Shared perspective, China Soft Science Magazine, 2017(12):173-183

6. Research on Residence Intention and Household Consumption Level of Chinese Floating Population in the New Normal, Management World, 2017(12):174-175

7. Research on Environmental Governance, Public Service Supply and Labor Spatial Agglomeration from the Perspective of Social Investment, China Population, Resources and Environment, 2018 (5):58-65

8. Construction and Application of Generalized Lorenz Index, The Journal of Quantitative & Technological Economics, 2020 (1):165-181.

Personal statement

Ai XiaoQing, male, born in Hunan province in September 1982, Ph.D. in economics from Renmin University of China , associate professor and master supervisor of College of Economics and Management. He is also the vice dean of the college and the deputy director of Beijing Modern Manufacturing Development Research Base.