Chen Dongju

Name: Chen Dongju

Gender: Famale

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Professor

E-mail :

Current Professional Societies

1. Senior CMES Member, IEEE Member, Secretary of Production Engineering Society of China;

2. Communication Evaluation Expert, Engineering Materials Department, National Natural Science Foundation of China;

3. Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation Assessment Expert;

4. IEEE fellow;

5. Reviewers of JMST, Measurement and AMT.

Research Areas

1. Error identification and detection technology of ultra-precision machine tools;

2. Influence of micro-scale fluid on the performance of key parts of machine tools;

3. Dynamic contact mechanism of hydrostatic spindle-solid coupling under the influence of slip;

4. Micro-nano-scale processing and mechanism.


1. Excellent Master's Degree Thesis Instructor in 2015

2. First Prize of Basic Teaching Skills Competition of Beijing University of Technology

3. Excellent Master's Degree Thesis Instructor in 2016

4. Excellent Master's Degree Thesis Instructor in 2017

5. Excellent Master's Degree Thesis Instructor in 2018,

6. First Prize of Excellent Thesis Editorial Department in Editorial Department of Education Modernization


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2.Dongju Chen, You Zhao, Jingfang Liu. Characterization and Evaluation of Rotation Accuracy of Hydrostatic Spindle under the Influence of Unbalance. SHOCK AND VIBRATION, 2020-03-24.

3.Dongju Chen, Shiwei Zhang, Jingfang Liu*, Chunqing Zha and Ri Pan. Morphological analysis of KDP-crystal workpiece surfaces machined by ultra-precision fly cutting. MATERIALS, 2020.

4.Dongju Chen*, Shupei Li, Jinwei Fan. Effect of KDP-Crystal Material Properties on Surface Morphology in Ultra-Precision Fly Cutting. Micromachines. 2020, 11(9).

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6.Dongju Chen*, Na Li, Ri Pan, Jihong Han. Analysis of aerostatic spindle radial vibration error based on microscale nonlinear dynamic characteristics. Journal of Vibration and Control, 2019, 25(14): 2043-2052.

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8.Dongju Chen*, Chen Huo, Xianxian Cui, Ri Pan, Jinwei Fan, Chenhui An. Investigation the gas film in micro scale induced error on the performance of the aerostatic spindle in ultra-precision machining. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 2018: 105: 488–501.

9.Dongju Chen*, Xianxian Cui, Jinwei Fan. A prediction and evaluation system of the impact factors on the performance of the aerostatic slider. Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 2018, 50: 213–221.

10.Dongju Chen*, Shiwei Zhang, Ri Pan, Jinwei Fan. An identifying method with considering coupling relationship of geometric errors parameters of machine tools. Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 2018, 36: 535-549

Personal Statement

Dongju Chen, female, Doctor of Engineering, a member of the Communist Party of China, is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Beijing University of Technology. In 2010, she received PhD degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Gombigne in France and Harbin Institute of Technology. From July to today, she worked in Beijing Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology in the College of Mechatronics, Beijing University of Technology. She is currently an assistant director of the Institute of CNC Precision Machining Technology. In 2012, she was selected into the "Rixin Talents" Training Program of Beijing University of Technology. In 2016, she was selected into the "Qingbai Talents" Hundred Talents Program of Beijing University of Technology.