Cheng Weihu

Name: Cheng Weihu

Gender: Male

Degrees: Ph.D

Title: Professor

E-mail :

Current Professional Societies

1. Executive Director and Secretary General of Chinese Association for Applied Statistics;

2. Executive Director and Vice President of National Industrial Statistics Teaching and Research Association;

3. Director of National Statistical Society of China;

4. Executive Director of China Statistical Education Society;

5. Executive Director and President of Beijing Enterprise Evaluation Association;

6. Executive Director of Beijing Big Data Association.

Research Areas

1. Statistical Distribution Theory;

2. Theory And Methods of Statistical Inference;

3. Statistical Quality Management;

4. Food and Drug Risk Assessment.


1. First Prize of Beijing Teaching and Scientific Research Achievements, 2001;

2. “Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics” won the Second Prize of Excellent Textbook of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China;

3. First Prize of Beijing Teaching and Scientific Research Achievements, 2005;

5. "Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics" course is rated as National Excellent Course;

6. Special Prize for Teaching and Scientific Research; Achievements of Beijing University of Technology, 2008;

7. National Excellent Scientific and Technological Personnel, 2013;

8. Famous Lecturer in Beijing.


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8. Haiqing Chen, Weihu Cheng, Jing Zhao, et al.Parameter Estimation for Generalized Pareto Distribution by Generalized Probability Weighted Moment-equations.Communications in Statistics- Simulation and Computation, 2017, 46(10): 7761-7776.

Personal Statement

Cheng Weihu, professor and doctoral supervisor, is Head of Statistics Department of Beijing University of Technology. He has been engaged in 35 years. He has presided two projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China and several projects supported by Natural Science Foundation of Beijing. He has published more than seventy papers, one academic book and six textbooks.