Marxism ( Master of Law)

Objective:Thesubject is committed tocultivating high-level talents in Marxist theories, ideological and political educationand management with firm beliefs, solid theoretical foundations, excellent academic styleandhighideological and moralintegrity. Graduates can consciouslystudy andsolve theoretical and practical problemswithMarxist positions, viewpoints and methods. Withliteracy inideological and political education, theyhavestrongcapabilitiesto conductresearchonMarxist theories and undertakepractical work.


Core courses:Study on Fundamental Principles of Marxism,Intensive Reading of Marxist Classics, History of Marxism Development, Study on Historical Materialism,Study on Dialectics of Nature,Study on Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,Study on Development of localization of Marxism in Chinaand its Historical Experience, Research on Principles of Education of Ideological and Political Education, Special Topics of CPC (Communist Party of China) History and Party Building.

Featured courses:Research on Marxist Thought about Man'sIssues,Researchon Capital and Contemporary Chinese Social and Economic Issues,Research on Marxism and Contemporary Social Development,Research on MarxistIdeological Theories,Special Topics of CollegeIdeological and Political Education and Student Affairs Management,History ofIdeological and Political Work Of CPC, Researchon Party Construction Theory of Marxism,Social Research Methods (Courseby aForeign Teacher).

Career:Graduates can engage intheoretical and policy research, party-masses work like publicity, disciplinary inspection, organization, united frontandtrade union,education and teaching andadministration and human resources managementinParty and government organs, universities, party schools,other enterprises and public institutions and various social organizations.

Master's Degree Program