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Profile of Beijing University of Technology Education Foundation

Beijing University of Technology Education Foundation (BUTEF) is a non-public fund established and registered on October 16, 1994 with the consent of the Beijing Education Administrative Department and the approval of the Beijing Authority of Social Organization. It was recognized as a charitable organization in 2017. In recent years, it has been qualified to be tax-deductible for charitable donations.

The aim of the foundation: for charitable and not-for-profit activities; to unite organizations and individuals at home and abroad who are enthusiastic about the development of BJUT to provide financial support for the construction and development of BJUT.

The foundation is open to voluntary donations from enterprises, social organizations and individuals at home and abroad. No matter how much the donation is, the foundation will incorporate and file the list of donors in the donation roster for commemoration, and showcase the charitable conduct via campus media. Some donation projects, such as infrastructure construction and scholarships, can be named after the donor or the name designated by the donor through negotiation if the amount of donation reaches a certain threshold. Enterprises, institutions, offices, organizations and individuals at home and abroad who donate within the scope permitted by national laws, regulations and rules and regulations of the university may be given the priority to the use of high-quality resources such as teaching and scientific research of the university, as well as the rights to carry out cooperation and co-construction.

The fund is largely used to support the education of BJUT to improve teaching facilities, including buildings, instruments and equipment, books and materials; to award outstanding students and excellent teachers; to fund basic research, teaching research and book publishing; to assist teachers to go abroad for further study and to participate in international academic cooperation and international academic conferences. Donations for specific projects can be used subject to the wishes and suggestions of donors.

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