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29 BJUT Postdoctoral students to Receive Grants from China Postdoctoral Science Foundation for General Program

The China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (CPSF) recently announced the 72nd batch of candidates selected to receive grants from the 2022 China Postdoctoral Science Fund for General Program. Liu Jinjin and two other postdoctoral students from the Faculty of Environment and Life, Beijing University of Technology (BJUT), were approved to receive first-class grants. Yan Zhaoyang and 25 other postdoctoral students from the Faculty of Materials and Manufacturing were approved to receive second-class grants. The number of students approved for this batch of grants is a record high for BJUT, now ranking 26th among all universities in China and 6th in Beijing.

In recent years, BJUT has attached great importance to the development of its talent pool and has steadily promoted postdoctoral education. The number of applications and approvals for General Program has increased yearly. In 2022, 65 BJUT postdoctoral students' projects received grants from General Program, a 36% increase compared to 2021.