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BJUT among the Top 50 Universities in China for Innovative Research

Cingta, an authoritative Chinese media in the field of higher education, recently focused its attention on the approved Creative Research Groups in Chinese universities and colleges in the period 2010 – 2020, ranking the top-performing universities and colleges. In the past ten years, Beijing University of Technology has been funded for three Creative Research Groups by the National Natural Science Foundation (NSFC), with a total amount of 32.5 million RMB, and is among the top 50 universities in China for innovative research.

As the talent team project with the greatest academic influence, NSFC's Science Fund for Creative Research Groups, established in 2000, provides generous support to research groups with outstanding young and middle-aged scientists as academic leaders. By enabling them to collaborate on innovative research in important research areas, the project aims to cultivate and train leading groups of world-level researchers working at the frontiers of science. The number of such approved groups is an important indicator of the innovative research strength of a university.

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