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BJUT Holds Commencement Ceremony 2023

On July 4, BJUT held its 2023 Commencement Ceremony. Among the attendees were Jiang Zeting, Secretary of the CPC BJUT Committee; Nie Zuoren, President of BJUT and member of Chinese Academy of Engineering; as well as Peng Yongzhen and Du Xiuli, members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Other university leaders and heads of faculties/colleges also attended the event. The ceremony saw the participation of the graduating Class of 2023, representatives of faculty members, alumni, and members of the broader community who take an active interest in the progress and success of the University and its graduates.

The ceremony began with the solemn national anthem.

Secretary Jiang Zeting presented gifts to the representatives of the graduating class. This year's graduation gift was an academic gown designed exclusively for each BJUT graduate. Embroidered on the cuffs were the University's motto, "Persistent Striving the Principle, Pursuit of Innovation the Path" and the guiding principle of "Serving the Capital City and the Country with Science and Technology", and a personalized nameplate featuring the graduating student's number, name, and the BJUT emblem; all these carrying the alma mater's heartfelt wishes for each student's future, and providing each student with a treasured memory.

President Nie Zuoren delivered a speech titled "Meeting the Challenges of the Times, Becoming the Best Version of Ourselves" On behalf of the University's faculty members, staff, and alumni, he extended warm congratulations to the graduating class. He expressed sincere gratitude and respect to the teachers who have diligently cultivated the graduates' talents, and the families and friends who have supported the graduates throughout their academic journey. He encouraged the graduates to stay connected with their alma mater, and wished them a brilliant future and the realization of their dreams.

Vice President Li Jianrong officially announced the names of the Class of 2023 graduates and degree recipients, alongside those of outstanding graduates and the winners of "excellent thesis awards". The University's leaders and academicians conferred degrees upon the outstanding graduates of BJUT's Class of 2023, with leaders and tutor representatives from various BJUT departments and colleges conferring degrees upon the other graduates.

In 2023, 15 teachers were selected as "My Favorite Teacher". The university leaders and academicians jointly presented awards to the winners, and student representatives gave them flowers in recognition of their dedicated efforts.

Undergraduate representative Zhao Zijie and graduate representative Li Xiangchen delivered speeches, reminiscing about their learning and growth at BJUT, and included their wishes for the University's continued success. Chao Yaxin, alumni representative and AMD Greater China's Vice President of Sales, shared insights from his educational and professional journey. He urged the fresh graduates to remember their roots, no matter what the future holds or what profession they embark on, encouraging them to express their gratitude towards their alma mater and to contribute to society through their actions.

The Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance Center formally transferred the registry of the Class of 2023 to the Alumni Association, with the implication that while the graduates' status changes from "BJUT students" to "BJUT alumni", they will forever be a part of the BJUT community as "BJUTers".

In 2023, BJUT celebrated the graduation of a total of 6,701 students, including 362 doctoral, 2,850 master's, 3,473 undergraduate degree holders, as well as 16 recipients of minor course certificates. Within the 2023 graduating class, 331 were selected as Outstanding Graduates of Beijing Regular Higher Education Institutions, and 675 were recognized as Outstanding Graduates of BJUT. The University recognized 37 outstanding doctoral dissertations, 261 outstanding academic master's theses, 229 outstanding professional master's theses, and 110 outstanding undergraduate theses.