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BJUT Hosts 17th International Day Event

On May 15, Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) successfully hosted the opening ceremony and artistic performance for the 17th International Day, themed "Building Dreams Together with the World, Colorful Beijing towards the Future". Qiao Junfei, Deputy Secretary of the CPC BJUT Committee, attended the event and delivered a speech.

Diplomats from the embassies of Yemen, Uganda, and Vietnam in China, together with international students from 46 countries and regions across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, attended the opening ceremony, artistic performances, and multicultural exhibitions, together with Chinese faculty and students.

On behalf of the University, Qiao Junfei warmly welcomed the Chinese and foreign guests, and faculty and students attending the event. He emphasized BJUT active responses to the Belt and Road Initiative, and is commitment to supporting Beijing's development as the "Four Centers". By continuously enhancing the "Study Abroad at BJUT" brand, the University values and encourages cultural exchange between Chinese and international faculty and students, striving to create a harmonious campus where diverse cultures coexist and learn from one another. Qiao Junfei expressed the hope that international students will become ambassadors of cultural integration and mutual learning.

During the opening ceremony, Qiao Junfei presented plaques designating the BJUT Shan-He-Wan-Gu Innovation Zone, which hosted the "Experiencing China" program supported by the China Scholarship Council, and the "Renben Street Laboratory" of Beijing's Xicheng District Dashilan Street as the "Beijing University of Technology International Students' Internship Base".

The vibrant drum dance by students from various African countries kicked off the artistic performance. International students, dressed in their traditional attire, delivered a stunning show for the audience. The BJUT Kindergarten Choir and the BJUT Student Choir performed renditions ofthe songs "Where is Spring?" and "Brightness". Dance performances were also presented by international students from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, and Pacific Island countries. Additionally, international students from the Tai Chi and Chinese Yo-Yo clubs joined Chinese students for Tai Chi and Chinese Yo-Yo performances. Collaborative renditions of "Sheng Sheng Man" by the University's teachers' children and the international student choir were followed by a dance performance titled "Friend" by the High School Attached to Beijing University of Technology Dance Troupe. The piano-accompanied solo singing performance of "Fairy Tale" received continuous applause. The "Poetry and Painting Show" featured a blend of Tang, Song, Ming, and modern poetry, illustrating the beauty of traditional Chinese attire and customs. The performance "Be the Best of WhoYou Are" resonated with both Chinese and international students. In the end, the performances concluded amidst the University's song "Tomorrow" by both Chinese and international students.

During the performances, there were also activities such as passport stamping, cultural exploration, and interactive games. International students from 46 countries focused on presenting their own countries' cultural histories, geographical landscapes, traditional attire, and musical instruments, attracting a large number of spectators who stopped to watch.

Since its inception in 2006, the International Day series has been successfully held seventeen times, becoming one of BJUT's most popular and distinctive cultural exchange events. The University will continue to develop the "Study Abroad at BJUT" brand, enhance the quality of international talent cultivation, and promote cultural and technological exchanges between China and the world.