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BJUT Achieves Excellence in the 4th Beijing Teaching Innovation Contest for College Teachers

The results of the 4th Beijing Teaching Innovation Contest for College Teachers have been announced. BJUT was awarded the Excellent Organization Award, achieving new breakthroughs in the Contest.

Yuan Tao's team from the College of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, and Zhang Hongguo's team from the College of Materials Science and Engineering won first prizes in the new engineering group (senior professional category and senior associate professional category, respectively). They have also been recommended to participate in the National Teaching Innovation Contest for College Teachers, representing 40% of the recommended contestants in Beijing's new engineering group. Huang Qiumei's team from the School of Mathematics, Statistics, and Mechanics received an Outstanding Award in the senior professional category of the specialty foundation course group.

Yuan Tao

Professor Yuan Tao's team teaches the course "Fundamentals of Engineering Materials and Forming Technology", a core course in Mechanical Engineering. It is offered to third-year students and has been promoted to over ten universities through the national-level virtual simulation experimental teaching project, and the Ministry of Education's first batch of virtual teaching and research rooms, reaching tens of thousands of students.

Zhang Hongguo

Associate Research Fellow Zhang Hongguo's team teaches "Material Properties", a compulsory specialty foundation course in the Materials Science and Engineering Program. The course is offered to third-year students.

Huang Qiumei

Professor Huang Qiumei's team teaches the course "Advanced Mathematics (Engineering)," the most credit-intensive specialty foundation course with the longest teaching cycle in the University. It plays a crucial role in training students in mathematical analysis and thinking methods.

The Teaching Innovation Contest for College Teachers is guided by the Department of Higher Educationof the Ministry of Education and sponsored by the China Association of Higher Education. The Contest evaluates actual classroom teaching records, reports on teaching innovation achievements andreviewson-site presentations. It is one of the most prestigious and challenging competitions for university teachers. BJUT has always attached great importance to enhance teaching capabilities of its faculty members, and will continue to support the preparation for the Contest.