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BJUT 2022 Summer Vacation Arrangement

The schedule for this year's summer vacation is from 13th July (Wednesday) to 19th August (Friday) for the faculty, a total of 38 days. The workday of autumn semester officially starts on 20th August (Saturday). For students, the vacation is from 10th July (Sunday) to 21st August (Sunday), a total of 43 days. The first day of class starts on 22nd August (Monday). 

It is suggested that all faculty and students in Beijing should avoid unessential travels outside Beijing, since the severe and complicated situation of COVID-19. For those who must travel outside Beijing, please inform the secondary-level institutions and get approval beforehand. For those who are staying at apartment during the vacation, please abide by the relevant regulations of apartment accommodation management.

Any change of traveling information or health condition for daily report for the prevention and control of COVID-19 shall be reported to the secondary-level institutions promptly. For the sake of your health and safety, please take the nucleic acid testing as arranged by your residential community, and avoid going to crowded public areas.

At such a critical juncture of our united actions against the virus, your understanding and cooperation are very important and we highly appreciate your efforts.

Wish you a happy and safe holiday.