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2022 Fall Semester Starts!

Let’s Embrace a New, Wonderful Semester!

Beneath the azure sky and white clouds,

The campus looks extraordinarily gorgeous,

A gentle breeze here, some swaying leaves there,

Together composing a symphony of aspiration and delight.

All those familiar scenes,

Looming ahead upon your reunion with the University,

                                                                                                        Having traveled with luggage, all the way from home,

                                                                                                        Months of longing, now turns into joy,

As you greet the campus of BJUT!

With an exhilarated heart,

BJUT opens its arms,

to welcome the arriving BJUTers, class of 2026!

Here you come,

For a discussion on dreams and beliefs between tutors and students,

Or a conversation on the vigorous life between best friends,

Here, in BJUT, let us embrace a new journey together!