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Guide to Starting the New Semester

As spring comes, BJUTers, full of hope and ambition, are well prepared to embrace the new semester with high spirits. The BJUT campus has also taken on a new look, promising a wonderful campus life ahead.

In the library, the turning pages stand witness to BJUTers' great determination to pursue knowledge. They are all set to embark on a new journey. May we immerse ourselves in the ocean of books, enjoy the companionship of friends, and transform ourselves in the upcoming semester.

Please refer to the guide for the new semester:

Schedule for Undergraduate Study

As per the BJUT calendar, the teaching and examination weeks of the spring semester 2023 will be from February 20 to July 16, 2023, a total of 21 weeks. Week 1-16 (February 20-June 11) shall be for teaching, Week 17-18 for examinations (June 12-June 25) and Week 19-21 for social practice and internships (June 26-July 16).

Schedule for Postgraduate Study

Full-time postgraduate students (including international postgraduate students) will begin classes on February 20 (Teaching Week 1) and part-time postgraduate students on February 25 (Saturday of Teaching Week 1).

On the Opening of the Library

The Library have been open and follow normal hours from February 11.

On the Opening of Sports Venues

The outdoor sports venues have been open to faculty members and students on campus from February 5, 2023, and the indoor ones from February 11, 2023.

Let's all gather on the BJUT campus and welcome the new semester with renewed energy! With wisdom and bravery, we'll join hands in exploring a broader world!