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The 16th International Day at BJUT is Coming!


The 16th International Day is on May 24, 2023. What surprises will we get? Let's have a look!

Opening Ceremony

(1)A welcome speech and announced the opening

(2)Presented the flag to the international student representation group of "Listen to Chinese Stories"

(3)Issues a certificate to the "International Student Ambassador"

(4)Speech by the representative of the embassy in China

(5)Group photo of guests and international students from various countries

Art Performance

Here you can listen to the national anthems and costumes from more than 30 countries around the world.

You can also enjoy the wonderful talent brought by friends from different countries.

Put your hands up! Dance with your friends!

"Garden Party"

"Garden Party" is the traditional part of "International Day", and also the most wonderful big party of Chinese and foreign teachers and students! Here you have the opportunity to experience the cultures of different countries and experience a pleasant "world tour" in just a few hours. This International Day continues the "International Day Passport" link design. Teachers and students at home and abroad hold "passports", listen to international students' explanation of their own culture, taste the special food of each country, and collect the flags of each country.

Collect the flags of 37countries to get the International Day gift! Come and get your prize!