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BJUT Held the One-Year Countdown Ceremony for 60th Anniversary

The One-Year Countdown Ceremony for 60th Anniversary & Opening Ceremony of New Yifu Library, as well as the 2019 Campus Tour for Alumni was held at BJUT on Oct 19, 2019. Nearly 1,000 alumni at home and abroad returned to the alma mater from every quarter.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Shen Qianfan, Deputy Secretary of CPC BJUT Committee, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the university to the guests and alumni. He also introduced the 59-year history of development and educational achievements of BJUT. The Deputy Secretary encouraged BJUTers to work together for greater success when the 60th anniversary of BJUT was approaching. He invited all the alumni to reunite for the university's 60th anniversary next year to share their wisdom for development and jointly create a brighter future.

On behalf of the university, Vice President Wu Bin read out the Notice (No.1) On BJUT's 60th Anniversary, marking the official start of the one-year countdown for the 60th anniversary.

The Ceremony released commemorative logo for the 60th anniversary. The logo is mainly blue—the color of BJUT, along with the shape of rising sun, white and blue stripes and the inscription "60". All of them are the embodiment of the spirit of BJUT.

Shen Qianfan, Deputy Secretary of CPC BJUT Committee, Wu Bin and Liu Jianping, Vice Presidents, and Yang Jianxin, Secretary of the BJUT Discipline Inspection Commission, jointly unveiled the countdown for the 60th anniversary.

At the ceremony, many alumni donated to alma mater in different ways to embody what is mean to assist BJUT in its development. Yan Yuanzeng, a retired teacher of the College of Materials Science and Engineering, contributed 100,000 yuan; Meng Fanming along with Beijing Ketai Xingda Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., donated equipment worth 1 million yuan; 378 graduates of 1979 devoted 157,100 yuan, and Zhang Guobing along with Guangzhou ZBG Education Co., Ltd. committed 350,000 yuan. They all did what they can to help the growth of BJUT.

The university leaders guided over 300 alumni and guests to the new library. The new Yifu Library covers an area of 40,463 sq.m. with the capacity of 2 million books. It has a periodical reading room, a book reading room, an ancient studies reading room, a work exhibition room, a seminar area, a multimedia commons area, an audio-visual reading area, and a study room. It spares separate space for books on Chinese social science and Chinese science and technology, as well as foreign books. The new library also boasts auditorium, conference room, movie rooms, and coffee house, to name a few. On top of that, new modern facilities and equipment are introduced in the new library, including 24-hour self-service machines with which books can be borrowed, checked and inquired by students themselves, thus delivering new intelligent service.

In the subsequent alumni events, each alumnus/alumna raved about the facilities at the new library and took pride in the transformations at BJUT.