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60 Dazzling Years, Blooming in the New Era — The 10th BJUT Cultural Festival Mounted in the Campus

60 Dazzling Years, Blooming in the New Era—The 10th BJUT Cultural Festival has been accompanying the 60th anniversary since its opening on April 13 against a backdrop of prevention and control of COVID-19. There were 31 university-wide art, cultural and sports activities, 8 episodes of  "Virtual Cultural Festival Show" by student art clubs and 29 art education and exhibitions including Elegant Art into Campus and Opera & Movies into Campus, all of which were creatively virtual. Those activities were conducive to a positive university culture and climate.

A variety of student art clubs created and performed their works during the Cultural Festival. The BJUT Student Symphony Orchestra played online ensemble "The Brightest Star in The Night Sky" dedicated to the frontline workers.

BJUT Student Symphony Orchestra performed the classic track "Pirates of The Caribbean"

BJUT Student Dance Club performed the classical Chinese dance in the Han and Tang Dynasties "Pure Serene Music"

AKA Vocal Choir sings the song "The Gift to Be Simple" by the King's Singers

"A Bite of BJUT" Food Collecting

Following the theme "carrying forward the scientific ethos and observing academic norms", the graduate student union and colleges of the university have held a multiplicity of online activities to further strengthen students' awareness of scientific integrity and academic standards. On top of that, they also invited seasoned teachers and students to carry out a series of online tutoring to help graduate students learn about science and technology competition more intuitively, clearly and specifically, thus increasing students' participation in such contest and their capabilities to compete.

The BJUT teachers and students' joint engagement in the virtual festival for two months add unique hallmarks of the pandemic times to the 10th BJUT Cultural Festival.