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60th Anniversary – BJUT Released Its Symbolic Flower, Symbolic Tree, and Mascot at the 100-day Countdown

The symbolic flower, symbolic tree, and mascot are important components of the identification culture of a university and also an indication of a university’s spirits and images. To further build a stronger university culture and rich identification culture, the symbolic flower, symbolic tree, and mascot of BJUT were officially released on July 10.

The Symbolic Flower - Chinese Flowering Crabapples

Chinese flowering crabapples are in the family rose, whose common varieties include chaenomeles speciosa, malus hallinan, midget crabapple, and chaenomeles catharsis. With the natural appearance, Chinese flowering crabapples have been famous flowers catering to both refined and popular tastes since ancient times. Known as “the fairy of the flower”, “the princess of the flower” and “her majesty flower”, it is also the theme of literati’s writing. In BJUT, Chinese flowering crabapples are mainly distributed on both sides of the General Service Building, the north side of the Third Teaching Building and the south side of the Material Building. While the Chinese flowering crabapples blooms in spring, students can enjoy the flowers and the delight while get inspired anywhere, among others, on their way to class, during the experiment break, when dining and participating in activities. Only when one lives his youth to the full can he has a flourishing future. Chinese flowering crabapples, the symbolic flower, stands for numerous students’ commitment to being conscientious talents of the state. The mass of full-blown Chinese flowering crabapples epitomizes the common aspiration of teachers and students to jointly drive the university’s vigorous development.


The Symbolic Tree - Ginkgo

Ginkgo is in the family ginkgo biloba. Its unique and elegant leaves present verdant color in summer and golden tone in autumn, impressing people with beauty, grandeur and elegance. As a satisfactory shade tree and street tree among gardens in Beijing, ginkgo symbolizes tenacity, calmness and guardian. Ginkgo trees are widely planted on the campus of BJUT and grow splendidly into a beautiful landscape across the campus. Ginkgo Avenue, the main east-west road, is the landmark road of the campus, which records the from-young-to-mature growth of generations of students and witnesses the history and development of the university. Ginkgo, as one of the earliest trees planted in the university, has been quietly guarding the campus of BJUT for decades and following the growth of teachers and students. The symbolic tree-ginkgo symbolizes the perseverance, determination and aspiration of generations of BJUTers to create a better future.


Mascot - Yanxiaobei

Swift is the symbolic bird of Beijing city. As a famous insectivorous beneficial bird in China, it embodies auspiciousness, jubilance and safety. BJUT is a university administrated by Beijing Municipal Government, and located in Beijing. The letter “B” extracted from the main figure of the university emblem is exactly like a flying swallow, echoing the symbolic image of the swift of Beijing city.

Beijing swifts habitually chase each other in groups, resembling the lively and diligent student crowds on campus. Its loud cry is similar with the sound of reading aloud on the campus. Swifts, one of the fastest flying birds, can fly at a speed of 110 kilometers per hour, which mirrors the university’s boom and endless pursuit of excellence. Swifts in Beijing will travel long distances across the ocean every winter and return to Beijing the next year whose roadmap parallels the routines of the Belt and Road initiative. Its perseverance also fits in the motto of the university –Persistent Striving the Principle, Pursuit of Innovation the Path-while exhibiting BJUTers’ striving spirit and boundless love and attachment to the university and the motherland.