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BJUT School Song "Tomorrow" - Youth Edition MV Released!

(BJUT School Song "Tomorrow" - Youth Edition)

Youth is the courage to present yourself on the stage,

Youth is the desire for truth despite how much trial and error,

Youth is the poem in every life;

On the journey towards the dream,

We go all the way,

Persistent Striving the Principle, we will be advancing,

Pursuit of Innovation the Path, we will be exploring,

Beat the failure and further the impossible,

It is the moment of youth;

The Youth Edition MV of BJUT school song Tomorrowwas released!

It is made for every BJUTers who challenge themself, push themself forward, and devote themself.

Hard work makes youth glorious!

Let’s celebrate the 60th anniversary of BJUT,

To create a better tomorrow!