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BJUT 60th Anniversary — the First Working Meeting of the Preparatory Group Held for the BJUT Alumni Entrepreneur Union

The First Working Meeting of The Preparatory Group of the BJUT Alumni Entrepreneur Union was held on the morning of Sept 16. Liu Wei, Director of the External Relations Office, Long Ying, Deputy Director of the External Relations Office, as well as teachers and representatives of alumni entrepreneurs in various industries and fields talked and discussed the matters of establishment of the Union.

Liu Wei expressed his gratitude to all alumni entrepreneurs for their return to the campus to exchange views and ideas, and briefly reported on the preparatory progress of the BJUT Alumni Entrepreneur Union. He also said that the university attached great importance to the formation. The Union will serve as a platform for industry-university-research cooperation and communications between the graduated alumni and the alma mater, and form a collaborative innovation cluster involving multiple stakeholders. It will help alumni-owned companies develop better and strengthen the bond between alumni and BJUT.

At the meeting, representatives of alumni entrepreneurs made a brief introduction to their own company (employers) and expressed their thanks and support to the university's decision to set up the BJUT Alumni Entrepreneur Union. Members fully communicated and discussed the organizational structure, members of the preparatory committee, operating mechanism and prospect of the Union. What they are seeking for is to unite alumni' businesses, share top-quality resources, and form a communityinwhich the university and alumni can friendly interact with and benefit each other.

The establishment of the BJUT Alumni Entrepreneur Union is an important move in response to the industry-education integration and collaborative education strategy initiated by the state. It is also another milestone for the university to serve Beijing for its development. In the next step, the preparatory group will gradually improve the top-level design, formulate the framework and articles of association, complete member registration, and inaugurate the BJUT Alumni Entrepreneur Union as the detail of schedule specified, to present a birthday present for BJUT at 60.