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BJUT Held World Champion Forum

The World Champion Forum was held on October 14 at BJUT to celebrate the university’s 60th anniversary and showcase the university's achievement in sports. Attendees included Vice president WU Bin and heads of relative offices, YAO Zhengjie, former head coach of Chinese national swimming team, SUN Chunli, former chief coach of Beijing municipal swimming team, CHEN Zuo, former leader of the Chinese swimming team and former Asian record holder of freestyle, swimming world champion HAN Xue and WANG Shijia, sports director of universities of technology in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebeias well as teacher and student representatives.

LIU Zhenqing, deputy secretary and director of the general CPC branch at the department of physical education, introduced to the participants the training of high-standard athletes in BJUT. SUN Chunli made a report on "How to build high-level sports teams in colleges and universities in the context of integration of sports and education". YAO Zhengjie, introduced the combination of sports and education for excellent athletes in Chinese swimming team and abroad.

The worlds wimming champions HAN Xue, CHEN Zuo, and WANG Shijia, all are BJUT alumni, shared memorable parts in their sports career.World badminton champions XIA Xuanze, LI Junhui, and LIU Yuchen, BJUT alumni too, also sent their best regards to the alma matervia the video.

Vice president WU Bin spoke highly of those alumni who endeavor to secure the country and the university many honors by winning the world championship. He noticed that BJUT has always adhered to the educational concept of "puttinghealth first", guiding and helping students create a healthy lifestyle.