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BJUT Held Young Scholars Forum

BJUT held Young Scholars Forum on October 16 during its 60th anniversary to review the development of science and technology since its establishment and expand the research vision of young scholars. The forum also facilitated the young scholars to learn the growth path and various research policies, and created a favorable environment for their advancement. Representatives of young teachers and Ph.D. students from each faculty (college) attended the forum.

At the forum, Professor ZHANG Yueming from the Faculty of Materials and Manufacturing shared his extensive experience in project undertaking, from entrusted research projects for enterprises to major national projects and devotion to the development of RV reducer, the key core component of industrial robots. Professor FAN Lifeng from the Faculty of Architecture, Civil and Transportation Engineering introduced his experience in research and education, emphasizing that the research direction should follow the major needs of the country as well as the feature of the university. He encouraged young scholars to take an active part in various academic activities.

YANG Dengcai, vice dean of the Institute of Science And Technology Development, looked back on the history of BJUT’s scientific and technological work since its establishment. He expected young scholars to immerse themselves in the teaching and research work smoothly and efficiently and actively participate in various research projects.