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The 60th Anniversary Celebration & Conference on Innovation and Development Held in BJUT

On October 18, BJUT held the 60th Anniversary Celebration & Conference on Innovation and Development. Leaders of ministries and commissions, leaders of Beijing Municipal CPC Committee, retired leaders of BJUT, foreign guests, leaders, and guests of fellow universities, cooperative partners, leaders and guests of primary and secondary schools named as BJUT top student base attended the conference alongside representatives of alumni, teachers, and students of BJUT, and family members of frontline anti-pandemic teachers and students. XIE Hui, Secretary of CPC BJUT Committee, presided over the conference.

LIU Gonghui, Deputy Secretary of CPC BJUT Committee & President, made a keynote report entitled “60 Years of Youth and Brilliance, Set Sail Once More Towards World-Class University”. On behalf of more than 30,000 teachers, students, and staff, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude and highest respect to all the guests. He noted that since its establishment in 1960, BJUT has created a magnificent history featuring entrepreneurship, progress and honor. Today, BJUT has become an internationally-renowned, distinctive and high-caliber research-oriented university. At a new starting point, BJUT will have a firm grasp on the fundamental task of moral education, proactively serve the capital in the construction of the “four centers” and the major national strategic needs of the country, and take the initiative to shoulder the responsibility in the future, so as to make a valuable contribution to promoting the progress of human civilization and building a community of shared destiny. There is no doubt that BJUT’s centenary dream to build a world-class university will come true and have a better tomorrow.

Academician XU Huibin, the representative of fellow universities and President of Beihang University, extended his high respect and warm congratulations to all the teachers and students of BJUT and alumni at home and abroad. He said that in the face of unprecedented opportunities and challenges, it is the universal responsibility and mission of colleges and universities to focus on the major needs and strategic demands of the country, accelerate the construction of first-class universities and disciplines, and strive to enhance international competitiveness and influence.

Andrew Deeks, the representative of foreign cooperative universities and President of University College Dublin, expressed his heartfelt congratulations to all teachers and students of BJUT via video. He said that the friendship between UCD and BJUT is embodied by BDIC, the Beijing-Dublin International College at BJUT. Friendship, cooperation, mutual respect and understanding between our two institutions are the foundations of its success. He wished BJUT continued and long lasting success for the years ahead.

QIAO Wei, the representative of alumni and chairman of Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China and former vice-chairman of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, expressed his most sincere wishes and thanks to his alma mater. He said, more than 160,000 BJUT graduates are found everywhere all over the social first-line construction, which is a wealth promoting the development of the alma mater. He expected alma mater to continually improve the exchange and mutual learning platform for alumni career development.

Academician PENG Yongzhen, the teacher representative and professor of the Department of Environment and Life, presented his heartfelt wishes to the University’s 60th birthday. He said that a scientific and technological worker in the new era and the field of basic research is supposed to publish his/her papers in top scientific journals at home and abroad, and firmly believed that the dream of “building BJUT into a world-class university” will be realized.

HU Xiaowen, the executive chairman of the student union of the University, showed his sincere wishes to his alma mater’s 60th birthday as a student representative.

WANG Ning, member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal CPC Committee and Secretary of Education Committee of Beijing Municipal CPC Committee extended warm congratulations to BJUT on behalf of the Beijing Municipal CPC Committee and Beijing Municipal Government. He pointed out that since its establishment in 1960, BJUT has always been in the same direction with the reform and development of the country and the capital, and has gone through extraordinary years of struggle. At the historical juncture of the “Two Centennial Goals”, BJUT should remember the “internal and international imperatives”, keep in mind the strategic orientation that education is essential to the country and the Party, and plan and promote the construction and development of the university with a higher position, wider vision and greater efforts. BJUT should speed up its pace toward a world-class university with distinctive characteristics, and firmly seize the substantial opportunity brought by the national “double first-class” initiative.

Looking back on 60 years of academic education, BJUT has established itself as an internationallyrenowned, distinctive and high-caliber research-orienteduniversity around the world. It has made remarkable achievements in education and earned a good prestige domestically and internationally.