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BJUT 60th Anniversary—Alumni’s RIGOL Donated to BJUT for Cooperative Education

BJUT and RIGOL signed the agreement on cooperative education on July 31. According to the agreement, RIGOL would donate innovation laboratories and equipment worth 4.5 million yuan and 1 million for education development fund to the university. Wang Yue, chairman of RIGOL and a BJUT alumnus of 1993, said that the donation was intended to reward the alma mater for the intellectual nurturance and endorse the university’s education when the 60th anniversary of the founding of the university was near at hand.

President Liu Gonghui thanked chairman Wang Yue for his care and charity to the alma mater. He praised that RIGOL was an outstanding socially responsible company founded by BJUT alumni, which was the pride of BJUTers. He hoped for further in-depth cooperation among two sides in the future, with the promise that the university would continue to support RIGOL to dream bigger and reach further.

Chairman Wang Yue expressed his gratitude to the alma mater for many years of education and support. He undertook his responsibility and obligation to favor the development of the alma mater. On the occasion of BJUT’s 60th anniversary, he wanted to make the donation to extend his sincere wish, expecting a better future for the alma mater.

(President Liu Gonghui and the delegation visited the Exhibition Hall of History & Culture and Production Workshop for Supply Chain at RIGOL)

In 1998, Wang Yue, Li Weisen and Wang Tiejun graduated from BJUT after having studied electronic and information engineering and founded RIGOL studio in Beijing. They were aspired to create an ambitious Chinese brand. After 22 years of growth, RIGOL has become a domestic leading company and an international innovator in the testing and measurement industry. Its self-developed chip made China the third country across the world to own the core technology of oscilloscope with higher bandwidth. Chairman Wang Yue himself has been selected as the "Ten Thousand People Program" science and technology innovation leader, and won many national-level and provincial-level honors. In 2010 when BJUT celebrated its 50th anniversary, RIGOL donated innovation laboratory and equipment worth 1.25 million yuan to the University, and established BJUT- RIGOL Innovation Laboratory.